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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Customer Testimonials: How To Use Them + Examples

Customer testimonials are not just a nice addition but a crucial element in boosting conversions and influencing customer research and buying habits. A survey by BrightLocal revealed that 77% of consumers regularly read reviews when looking for local businesses, highlighting the importance of testimonials in the customer journey.

Testimonials serve as social proof, a psychological concept where people mimic the actions of others, assuming those actions are correct. This social proof is a significant factor in persuading potential customers to trust and buy a product. Studies have confirmed that testimonials can lead to a considerable increase in conversion rates and sales, with data from Statista and BrightLocal supporting a surge in consumer trust and purchasing when positive reviews are present.

There are various ways to showcase customer testimonials, including quote testimonials, social media posts, influencer endorsements, video testimonials, success stories, interview formats, long-form testimonials, product page reviews, and case studies. Each method offers a unique way to present positive customer feedback and leverage it to attract new customers.

To collect testimonials, businesses can use automated emails, customer satisfaction surveys, dedicated apps, and by reaching out to their best customers or those who have shown high satisfaction through net promoter score surveys. When asking for testimonials, specificity is key. Detailed and descriptive testimonials that address common customer concerns are more effective than general praise. There are several tools available to help collect and display testimonials, such as KudoBuzz and EVM Testimonials Showcase, and businesses can also consider outsourcing this task to experts.

In conclusion, investing time in collecting and showcasing customer testimonials can be highly beneficial for ecommerce businesses. By harnessing the voice of satisfied customers, companies can significantly enhance their appeal to prospective buyers and increase sales.

Key Takeaways:

  • Customer testimonials significantly boost conversion rates and influence consumer purchasing decisions through social proof.
  • A large majority of consumers read online reviews and are more likely to trust and purchase from businesses that display positive testimonials and reviews.
  • Ecommerce businesses can increase sales and customer trust by strategically collecting and showcasing testimonials across various platforms and formats.

“Testimonials are persuasive because they’re a powerful form of social proof: a psychological concept based on the idea that we are more likely to follow the actions of others before us because we assume that those actions reflect the correct behavior.”

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