The R.I.V.E.R. Protocol for Marketing Your Business


Let’s be honest – trying to market your small business online can feel overwhelming

There are so many potential strategies and platforms to consider – Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads, SEO, influencer marketing…the list goes on.

It’s easy to get paralyzed by indecision or spread your efforts too thin across random tactics.

That’s why I developed the R.I.V.E.R. Protocol.

It breaks down an effective online marketing approach into 5 manageable steps that generate real results without the complications.

No more shooting in the dark or chasing after the latest shiny object.

The R.I.V.E.R. Protocol provides a clear roadmap any small business can use to consistently grow an online presence.

Let’s dive a deeper into the R.I.V.E.R. Protocol

The “Recruit” Phase: The Cornerstone

You’re about to discover the most powerful, yet tragically underutilized phase of marketing online.

Marketing While You Sleep

Brace yourself, because this is where the magic happens… “cold calling” behind the scenes while you sleep!

The “Recruit” phase is about extending your reach and visibility to potentially interested audiences. It’s not an explicit lead generation tactic, but rather a way to naturally pull more of your ideal prospects into your orbit.

This, combined with the “Indocrination” phase coming up is a powerful method for finding the right people, while reducing your advertising costs.

Here’s the kicker – this phase demands a “set it and forget it” content strategy that just keeps giving without your daily attention. Why? Because we all know what happens when something requires your constant oversight – it inevitably gets shoved aside when life gets busy (and it always does).

“But how can I recruit new leads if I’m not promoting my products/services?”

Ah, that’s the genius! We leverage the awesome power of social media algorithms and search engines through 3 decisive tactics:

OmniViral Conversation Clips

Imagine casually discussing your passion and expertise over a Zoom call, as you’ve done countless times. We capture that authentic conversation as an interview-style, short-form video. Why? Because the content algorithms eat this format up in a way that supercharges your discoverability with laser precision.

OmniViral Blogging Blast

We strategically unleash a torrent of hyper-relevant content tailored to your audience’s interests (not necessarily about your business). With AI automation at our side, we naturally attract those “one day” buyers through content designed to attract potential customers.

OmniViral Multimedia Blitz

Prepare to carpet bomb the internet with “ethical propaganda” across a vast network of news sites, videos, podcasts, images, and more. This two-punch combo seduces search engines into elevating your rankings while priming prospects with a positive brand impression before they even reach your site. This method is particularly effective if you need to bring customers to your physical location

One of the BEST examples I’ve seen using the Blogging method is a “Reverse Mortgage Broker” who has a blog all about senior activities. I found him through a post about martial arts for seniors. He can’t write about reverse mortgages all day every day, but he can – and does – write about things his audience will be interested in. His blog is full of content that might be of interest to seniors. Who buys reverse mortgages?  Seniors.  Genius.

By leveraging tactics like the “OmniViral Conversation Clips”, “MultiMedia Blitz” and “Blogging Blast” (or a customized combination tailored to your business), you’re able to naturally pull more of your ideal prospects into your orbit. They may not be ready to buy just yet, but you’ve opened the door to stay top-of-mind.

While your competitors are stuck trying to make one-time sales through interruptive tactics, you’re playing the long game. The “R.I.V.E.R. Protocol” recognizes that you first need to recruit an audience before you can effectively indoctrinate, engage and elevate them into being loyal, raving customers and advocates.


The Art of Indoctrination: Nurturing Prospects Through Automated Value

Nurturing Those Warm Leads

Alright, so you’ve got some warm prospects lined up after the “Recruit” stage. Now it’s time to deploy some automated indoctrination to really start building that know, like, and trust factor.

The “Indoctrinate” phase harnesses the power of AI content generation, automation tools, and strategic retargeting to keep your biz top-of-mind with those intrigued folks. This crucial step nurtures that initial interest by consistently serving up valuable, educational content tailored to their interests and pain points.

Let me be clear though – we’re not talking about some sinister brainwashing tactics here. When I say “indoctrinate”, I just mean gradually immersing these warm leads deeper into your philosophies, areas of expertise, and proven processes. You’re priming them to understand and buy into your unique approach before you even think about selling.

Drip Campaign Deluge

So how does it work? First, you retarget those folks who already engaged with your “Recruit” content using advertising platforms and their detailed audience data. From there, you systematically deploy a drip campaign deluge of fresh, meaty content designed to educate and provide crazy value.

As these leads keep consuming your material over time, the walls start to come down. You foster credibility, familiarity, and trust by positioning yourself as the undisputed leader with solutions to their problems. It’s a soft-sell approach that naturally aligns their mindset with your methods and messaging.

The Content Automaton

Now, creating all that content could be a full-time job in itself. But not when you enlist Automaton in your arsenal! We’re talking blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, case studies – you name it. Just feed the Automation Machine, and watch a full-fledged indoctrination content factory crank out material tailored to your audience’s needs.

Automated workflows drip it out at optimal intervals across multiple channels for maximum saturation. No more overloading people with blatant promotions that turn them off. You respectfully stay top-of-mind by consistently providing legitimate value that reinforces your mastery.

Becoming the Undisputed Expert

With AI automation cranking and retargeting hitting your ideal folks, you get to sit back and watch as your audience naturally becomes more receptive and aligned with your approach. You’re no longer just another business to them – you’re the recognized voice of authority and undisputed expert in your space.

The beauty is there’s nothing disruptive, gimmicky or pushy about this phase. You simply drip out premium content that highlights your skills and credibility. With the other phases of the R.I.V.E.R Protocol supporting it, you establish yourself as the obvious choice when someone is ready to pull the trigger on becoming a customer.

Turning Audiences Into Acolytes

While competitors chase shiny objects and fads, your well-oiled indoctrination machine steadily converts audiences into true believers in your brand’s philosophy.

Not through trickery – through relentless, automated value provision.

The “Indoctrinate” phase transforms “Recruits” from mildly interested prospects into highly-receptive acolytes ready to graduate to become actual buyers.

Just leverage modern tech to drip out expertise, modern social media algorithms to show your prospects the exact content they need and want, at the exact right time …

… and watch your audience align with your truths.


Unlocking the Value Exchange: From Passive Prospect to Engaged Lead

Master the Value Exchange

Alright, so we’ve attracted some prospects and been nurturing them through valuable content in the previous steps. But now it’s time to take things to the next level with the “Value” phase. This is where we get them off the sidelines and actively engaging with your business.

The name of the game here is creating an irresistible value exchange. We dangle an extremely enticing carrot their way – something tailored to directly solve their biggest headaches or fulfill their strongest desires. But, we also ask for a small commitment back from them as part of this trade. A fair exchange of value, if you will.

On your end, you could offer up front-loaded value like a comprehensive guide, video training series, trial subscription, free consultation call, or exclusive discount – really anything that feels like an absolute no-brainer for your ideal prospect. The more tailored and high-value it is, the better. But in return, you get something from them like an email address for future nurturing sequences, Messenger subscription for direct communication, or even a small upfront payment.

Craft Irresistible Offers

The possibilities for creative value exchanges are seriously endless, so let’s look at some compelling examples:

  • As a life coach, you could offer a free 30-minute “Breakthrough Session” video call to uncover their limiting beliefs and core obstacles. All they have to do is drop their email.
  • If you’re a business consultant, wow them with a data-packed “Profit Maximizer” PDF guide full of proven strategies, stats, and case studies just for joining your email newsletter list.
  • For all you social media marketers out there, let prospects submit their accounts for a free in-depth audit report revealing what they’re missing (and what to do about it!) by paying a small fee like $7.
  • Speaking coaches could give free access to an on-demand masterclass video course like “Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking” just for joining a private Facebook community.
  • As a virtual assistant company, offer a free 14-day trial of your services to experience the value first-hand, just requiring a credit card on file to sign up (free to cancel anytime).
  • If you’re a relationship counselor, share your comprehensive “Rekindle The Romance” video training bundle packed with insights and exercises just for subscribing to your YouTube channel.

Feel free to get creative and think way outside the box here! The more unique, tailored, and irresistible the value piece, the better.

Maybe it’s a free ticket to your live event, early-bird pricing for an upcoming course, or the ability to submit their work for feedback – anything that makes your audience think “Hell yeah, that’s for me!”

The key thing is finding an enticing value proposition that feels like a no-brainer while also garnering that modest micro-commitment back from those who raise their hand.

Leverage Micro-Commitments

That small action taken from them – whether an email address, micro payment or sizable payment, or something else – instantly distances them from just another passive prospect.

Because now you’ve got someone who has self-identified as being highly interested and primed to potentially move further towards becoming your customer or client.

That psychological shift from idle onlooker to action-taker can’t be overstated.

Their willingness to “opt-in” by giving a little to receive your value instantly elevates their status.  And yours.

Automated Nurturing Tracks

From here, you can automate different nurturing tracks and messaging flows based on that value exchange commitment level.

Those who make a bigger investment (like a payment or more personal data) can flow directly into sales pipelines, reservation systems, or application processes.

Smaller commitments can continue being nurtured through automated drip campaigns sharing tailored content, or more specifically targeted social media content that’s more “selly” than anything they’ve seen from you before.

The beauty is having the ability to automatically adapt your communication cadence and content based on these lead “temperature” indicators.

Those getting hot and heavy with interest receive more focused sales messaging. Those just dipping their toes in continue being warmed through value-driven nurturing sequences.

No matter what, you’ve turned an idle prospect into an active lead simply by crafting an enticing “Value” exchange with your audience. You’ve welcomed them deeper into your world, created a mutually-beneficial commitment, and established the start of a relationship where both parties give value. And you’ve positioned yourself as the evident solution to their needs when it comes time for them to make a purchase decision.



Engage: Cultivating Value-Driven Relationships

The foundation of building a raving fan base is engagement – creating value-driven connections that transform your audience into invested followers who develop real affinity for you and your work. It’s about initiating a two-way human relationship from the very first interaction.

Deliver Massive Value First

The moment someone opts-in to your free lead magnet, consultation, training series, free trial, or other incentive – you better follow through and over-deliver on that initial promise. First impressions are everything, so if you wowed them with a tantalizing offer, you have to absolutely nail the execution and user experience.

Don’t just slap together some mediocre freebie as an afterthought. Pour your heart and expertise into creating an amazing value piece that instantly builds credibility and trust. Give them a “wow” experience that makes them think “Wow, this is some of the best free stuff I’ve ever gotten!”

If it’s a free guide or PDF you offered, make sure it’s visually stunning and packed with a ridiculous amount of value through detailed strategies, data, case studies, visuals and more. Go above and beyond what someone would expect for a free piece of content.

Whether it’s a free or paid offer, include a bunch of unannounced freebies that they were not expecting. Maybe they think they’re getting a PDF, but find themselves inside a membership area with significant amounts of content completely unlocked and free for their use.

The goal is to create an immediate “aha!” moment and positive impression that makes your new subscriber think “If this is their free stuff, their paid stuff must be incredible.” You want to build immediate confidence that you’re an overpowering authority worth paying attention to.

Initiate Two-Way Dialogue

With their initial “aha!” from your free value bomb, you can now initiate two-way conversation and start building a human relationship. Rather than giving a faceless piece of content and blasting your email list, this is where you begin true engagement.

Ask them questions to learn about their specific backgrounds, experiences, struggles and desired outcomes. Get them opening up and sharing details about their particular pain points, fears, hopes and roadblocks. The more you can get them invested in conversation and dialogue, the more invested they’ll be in you.

For example, if you’re a business coach who gave away a free guide on “Unleashing Your Team’s Productivity Potential,” follow up with questions about what their biggest obstacles have been so far. Ask them to share their #1 time-waster or source of distraction. Find out what processes or productivity tools they currently use.

The more personal details you can uncover through back-and-forth dialogue, the more you can position yourself as the insightful expert with tailored solutions for their exact situation.

You can sprinkle in your own experiences, analogies, or case study examples that add a storytelling layer and build further rapport in the process. Maybe you struggled with prioritizing tasks too, but found a new framing that clicked. Or you have a former client whose scenario mirrors theirs before getting laser-focused.

The key is initiating a real conversation to start building a human-to-human connection that transcends just pushing content. You’re kickstarting a relationship through engagement.

Email Excellence: Your Relationship Conduit

At the core of cultivating these back-and-forth engagements is intelligent use of email as a direct conduit to your audience’s innermost circle.

While social media, live streaming, and other channels are powerful, email remains one of the most direct lines to the people who have optionally raised their hand to go deeper with you. Your email list represents some of your warmest connections and already engaged subscribers.

When utilized properly, your email can be an extremely personal way to elevate your standing as a trusted authority, an insightful resource, and also a fun, personality-driven human being outside of just your “work” persona.

Here are some keys to email engagement excellence:

Be Consistent and Frequent

Don’t let your email list go stale – get on a cadence of consistently showing up in their inboxes on a predictable schedule. Regardless of whether you choose a daily, weekly or monthly schedule, the key is creating anticipation around your emails.

When your audience sees your “From” name in their inbox at that same cadence, it trains their brain that you’re actively serving them as a reliable resource, confidant and voice of valuable insights. It signals that you’re committed to this direct engagement.

The more frequently you deliver your brand of infotainment, the more you’ll reinforce the relationship and connection.

Blend Value and Personality

Speaking of infotainment, your emails can’t just be a steady stream of dry information, stale updates or overt promotions. Each one needs to sparkle with clear value and your own unique personality and flair.

Find the sweet spot of blending truly informative, applicable “Aha!” insights with entertaining or humorous personal storytelling and character. Share details from your day or funny anecdotes. Showcase photos of your interests or travels. Let your human personality shine!

At the same time, teach concepts through relatable examples or case studies featuring specific action steps, not just abstract theories. The more “edu-taining” and multi-dimensional each email is, the more engaged and connected your audience will feel.

Ask and Reciprocate

Don’t just broadcast information – create two-way conversations and human engagement through questions, polls, feedback requests and open discussions. Ask them to hit reply with their own stories, opinions and perspectives on the topics you raise.

When they do reply back, reciprocate! Respond with your own thoughts, observations and continuations of that individual conversation thread. Follow up and go back-and-forth just like you would during an in-person chat.

Not only does this deepen the personal connection, but it also provides you with invaluable feedback directly from the source. The more you reciprocate with direct engagements, the more your audience will feel heard, understood and respected.

Cross-Promote and Stack Value

Use your email relationship to cross-promote all your other valuable content, services and offerings. Don’t just relentlessly pitch the same thing over and over – stack value by consistently sharing new blog posts, videos, podcast episodes, resource guides and more.

Give them a true feeling of being kept in-the-know as an insider actively being served an endless stream of helpful material from your generous community hub. Reward their inbox open by continually stacking helpful value layer upon layer.

Create Excitement and Urgency

Finally, your email relationships enable you to seed timely excitement and urgency around your flagship offerings. This isn’t the primary role of email, but you can periodically create anticipation through ethical promotions.

Tease the opening of your course or program cart for a limited window including time-based bonuses and temporary discounts. Announce special live events, challenges or free periods for your services. Spark curiosity and FOMO through to get their interest piqued.

The goal is to make them feel compelled to raise their hand for the highly-valuable premium experiences you can provide when the time comes. But do so in moderation, so it feels natural within the overall value-driven relationship.

Mastering the art of email engagement excellence takes continual practice and tweaking, but the long-term benefits are invaluable. You’ll nurture deeper direct relationships, build loyalty, educate and elevate your audience’s perspective of you as a trusted authority, and forge connections that become fertile ground for further business opportunities.


Raise Up: Your Transformational Ascension

Now that you’ve engaged your audience through delivering awesome value and making real human connections, it’s time to open the doorway for them to ascend with you on a journey of transformation and growth.

The beautiful thing is, you don’t need to be a pushy salesperson. By nurturing authentic relationships built on trust and results, a percentage of your fans will enthusiastically raise their hands to join you for more.

It’s your job to lay out an intentional path that lets people progressively unlock greater levels of success and empowerment with your guidance. Let’s map that out!

Craft a Cohesive Ladder of Offerings

First up, imagine the full spectrum of services and programs you could provide, then deliberately structure them into a seamless ladder from free to premium, basic to advanced.

Don’t just have one core offering – logically scaffold numerous tiers that cater to every stage of someone’s journey with you. That way, you’ve got an entry point no matter where they’re starting from.

For instance, as a business coach you could lay it out like:

  • Free: “Entrepreneurial Entrées” blog & podcast (value-driven freebies!)
  • Entry: $37 “Business Builder Blueprint” (a low-cost intro offer)
  • Basic: $597 “Solopreneur System” (your foundational training)
  • Advanced: $5,000 “Million Dollar Mastermind” (high-level group mentorship)

Or if you’re a website pro:

  • Free: “Website Wonderland” vlog (share free tips/tutorials)
  • Entry: $197 “Website Wow” (DIY website setup course)
  • Basic: $3,500 Custom WordPress website design (your core service)
  • Advanced: $12,000/year Marketing Retainer (ongoing strategic support)

See how each rung provides a natural next stepup the ascension ladder, with increasing investment, personalization, and luxuriousElements? You’re creating on-ramps at multiple commitment levels based on interest, need and budget.

The goal is comprehensive – not just one flagship program. By offering this spectrum, you open paths for anyone to join your world and progressively explore based on their unique goals and timing.

Roll out the Red Carpet… Design a Seemingly Over-the-Top ELITE level.

Which brings us to your “best of the best” top-tier aka your pièce de résistance! For this elite level, get wildly creative in dreaming up an ultra-premium, borderline outrageous experience that even makes you a little nervous just thinking about delivering it.

This should be the absolute most personalized, tangible, “wow” treatment you can imagine – so next-level that it becomes your crowning aspirational achievement and raving fans’ ultimate prize.

For instance, as a couples counselor you could roll out an all-inclusive “Relationship Rebirth Journey” where you fly out your private clients for an intimate luxury retreat at an exotic beach resort, complete with immersive relationship-reviving activities, one-on-one sessions with you, candlelit dinners and so on.

If you’re a business mentor, maybe it’s an annual “Private Mastermind & Yacht Experience” strictly limited to 7 entrepreneurs, where you actually work on their companies in-depth over a multi-day business unleashing expedition while cruising the Mediterranean.

Even if your business is super-narrow in scope, your customers have a wide range of other needs in their personal lives and/or their businesses.  How can YOU be the one that puts the ULTIMATE package together that serves their every need?

Get wild! Not only does this give your raving fans an unmatched aspirational target to work towards, but it elevates the very positioning and “luxury luster” of everything you offer. Your brand becomes synonymous with elevatedResults and premium expertise.

Guide with Trusted Recommendation, Not Aggressive Selling

With this full spectrum of offerings mapped out, you shift from constant promotion mode into simply planting seeds and making selectors aware of the most relevant next steps.

Rather than heavy-handed sales spiels, adopt the “RIVER” method of subtle, trusted recommendations naturally flowing from the results and value you’re already providing.

For example, if someone’s over-the-moon about the major “aha” moments from your free blog content, you can warmly mention:

“Awesome, I’m so thrilled you’re getting that much value already! Since you’re resonating strongly, I should give you a heads up that enrollment for my foundational ‘Solopreneur System’ course is coming up in the next couple weeks if you’d like to explore taking things to that next level. But no pressure at all – just wanted to plant that seed since the vibe is clearly aligning so well for you!”

See how it’s a soft, friendly recommendation from a trusted guide rather than a hard sell? You’re gently guiding based on the value they’re already receiving and the trust that’s been established through genuine connection.

Those in your paid entry-level programs will naturally open up to hearing about your intermediate tiers since they already trust your expertise. And for the most raving superfans already dealing in your premium levels, you may not even need to heavily promote your elite tier – they’ll be ravenous to raise up and join that most lavish offering.

At every stage, your role is to provide so much ridiculous value that people WANT to ascend their commitment. You’re not selling per se, just warmly facilitating the journey for those who already recognize they’re primed for that next rung!

By engaging your audience through exceptional content, nurturing real human relationships, and mapping out an intentional ascension journey, you foster raving fans who organically walk themselves further into your world. Selling becomes secondary ; the value speaks for itself!