How We Help Your Business Grow …

Hey there. My name is Brett Kraiger

After …

  • building my 7-figure Amazon business,
  • helping others achieve ecommerce success as a mentor in the largest physical products training system on the planet
  • and then building an online business that sold over $1 million in a single year,

… my focus has shifted to helping small businesses flourish through the use of my R.I.V.E.R. Protocol for online business growth.


My expertise lies in marketing businesses online.

It’s a journey that transformed my life.

It’s opened opportunities that I never thought were possible.

If you’re ready to scale your business, I’m here to guide you.

“Brett has achieved remarkable success in the world of e-commerce having successfully sold his 7-figure Amazon business. He has a wealth of experience in digital marketing, content strategy, and business development. Bretts’ journey in building and scaling his own e-commerce business has given him invaluable insights into online business and consumer behavior.”

— Iona Elwood-Smith, Grow My Business


You’re an entrepreneur, consultant, coach or service business who needs a steady pipeline of clients.

OR you’re a business with a physical location and you need to attract local clients and customers.

You understand the importance of marketing your business, but you find yourself procrastinating…

… only to switch to panic mode when the pipeline dries up.

You’ve tried putting content out, but infrequently. It’s not sustained. And worst of all, it’s not getting results.

You’ve tried paid advertising but it’s been nothing but disappointing. The cost is not worth the reward.

You’ve done the whole “SEO” thing, but even though you’re ranking for some keywords, the needle hasn’t really moved in your business.


I know what it takes to market a business online – How to put all the pieces together in a cohesive marketing strategy.

If you want to do content marketing, you must be consistent.  Endlessly having to product content is a drain. It’s hard to know what to say, getting started is daunting, and it is always going to take a back seat to delivering to your customers.

But then you also have to know HOW to promote that content – so it actually gets.

You can’t just throw up an ad and trust that it will find clients for you at an affordable price. Trust is low. You have to boost trust first, so that buying from you becomes a resistance-free no-brainer decision.

Local businesses need to know how customers are finding them, and how to tap directly into that stream while simultaneously boosting trust in your business and brand before they even walk in the door.

Putting all the pieces together to draw customers to your business is a jigsaw. It’s hard to complete a jigsaw when you don’t have all the pieces.

Or…when you don’t even know what all the pieces are.



I empower business owners get more clients through the use of the latest marketing strategies, taking the long-term approach to build sustainable and powerful marketing machines.

We start with the first “R” in the R.I.V.E.R. Protocol …


This is where we let people know that your business even exists!  The most important step, without which, all remaining steps are redundant.

We do this through one or more of the following…


Omniviral Conversational Clips

Massive social media presence using the power of short-form video to post hundreds of videos every month across social media.  Short-form video is the BOMB right now when it comes to getting engagement online. But I take away all the fear and awkwardness of being on camera… it’s as simple as having a chat about your business.

Omniviral MultiMedia Blitz

Perfect whether you’re a local businesses who needs traffic coming to their door or you just want to be found no matter where anybody is on the internet. Ultra-targeted marketing to your business taking advantage of multiple forms of content – including articles on big news sites, video content, and even image, slideshow and audio content.

Omniviral Blogging Bonanza  (Blogging, on Steroids)

Yes this is “blogging” but it is far bigger than that. This blogging strategy takes advantage of the amazing developments in A.I. and is combined with our unique paid promotional methods to turn a blog into a client-attracting powerhouse.  (FYI … you’re on one of these Omniviral Blogs right now!)

“I’m really pleasantly surprised. As I mentioned, I’m being recorded. I know it’s going to go on social media. That was my anxiety… I’m not used to splattering myself across social media. I’m happy with public speaking, I’m happy with conferences and stuff like that. And, you made it very easy to talk. The tools, the processes you’re using meant that I felt very natural.”

— Simon Lloyd-Evans, Arben Consulting



Different businesses have different needs.

That’s why the first step is to get on a call and have a quick chat about what is going on in your business, and what you are trying to achieve. From there, I can help come up with the best strategies to boost your business online

Reach out below.