Hey there!

I’m Brett Kraiger, a seasoned navigator in the ever-evolving online marketing world. With a 14-year journey through the highs and lows of digital marketing, I’ve built and sold a 7-figure Amazon brand and spearheaded over $1 million in affiliate marketing sales.

My story starts in the humble settings of Feilding, New Zealand. Raised on a farm and schooled at Palmerston North Boys’ High School, I learned the value of hard work early on.

This foundation led me to the corporate world, where I dabbled in insurance, marketing, and data analysis. All the time, I had a hankering for something bigger. I felt there was more than just the corporate life.

The real transformation began when I dove into online marketing – a decision that not only shaped my career but my life.

I jumped into the Amazon marketplace in 2013, developing a niche product line with products that most people have never heard of. Despite this, I grew it into a thriving 7-figure business.

This experience was a masterclass in niche marketing and leveraging online platforms to sell the seemingly unsellable.

I’m not just about business, though. Since 1989, I’ve been dedicated to Taekwon-Do, achieving a 6th-degree black belt and teaching countless students. This discipline transcends martial arts, imparting life skills and personal growth.

My mantra? Hard work, staying ahead of trends (yes, AI included), and an insatiable thirst for learning. These values fuel my approach to online marketing and business development.

As your digital marketing guide, I bring a unique blend of experience, insight, and proven strategies to transform your small business’s online presence.

From understanding the intricacies of niche markets to leveraging the latest digital tools, I’m here to help you turn every click into a meaningful connection.

Ready to elevate your business in the digital domain? Let’s connect and transform your online journey. Book a free call at modernonlinemarketing.com/korero and start the conversation today!”